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The major of cooking methods

Many of the words on the menu are familiar to you but may not know what they mean or how to describe them because you may get asked to explain how a dish is cooked, it is important you to understand the major cooking processes. 

The are two basic of cooking methods : 

Moist heat method 

  • Boiled : to cook in water at a temperature that causes bubbles to constantly rise and break the surface 
  • Simmered : almost boiled but the temperature are lower and then the bubbles rise slowly barely breaking the surface 
  • Steamed : a small amount of water or liquid is heated to generate steam that food. Steaming can be done in steamer, pressure cooker, or covered pot. 
  • Poached : to cook by immersion in water maintained just below the boiling point, This method is used on delicate items of food such as fish and eggs.

Dry heat method 

  • Baked : to cook by dry, continuous heat in the oven breads, pastries and many dessert are baked. 
  • Grilled : cooked by exposing the food to direct heat either under the source of heat (as in broiler) or over the source of heat (as in a grill)
  • Roasted : to cook an covered food item in an oven with little or no liquid used usually for larger pieces of meat or poultry like turkey
  • Fried : to cook foods in shallow pas using a small amount of fat, deep fat frying food is cooked quickly by submerging it into a boiling fat. French fries and other fast food use this method
  • Sautee : browned or cooked quickly in a small amount of hot fat usually butter or margarine
  • Stewed : the method of cooking in which the food is boiling or simmered in a small amount of liquid in covered pot, both vegetables and meat can be stewed
  • Braised : the food is first browned in small amount of fat and then cooked in a small amount of liquid until done. 

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