Sequence of Service Breakfast - Food and Beverage Division


  • Greeting and welcoming the guest 
  • Escorting and sitting the guest (ladies first or children priority) 
  • Unfolding the guest napkin
  • Asking for coffee or tea
  • Presenting menu 
  • Taking juice order
  • Serving the juice order
  • Taking food order
  • Serving the food from starter until the main dish 
  • Asking for satisfaction 
  • Presenting the bill  

  • Greeting and welcoming the guest 
    • Good morning Madam/Sir, Welcome to our restaurant. How are you this morning?
    • How many people of you? 
  • Escorting and sitting the guest 
    • In the hotel or cruise ship, we don't need to ask about the reservation for their breakfast because commonly room charge/rate included with breakfast 
    • "Follow me please", and try to find a table as the number of the guests 
  • Unfolding the guest's napkin 
    • Make certain to lay down the napkin in the proper way. It can be done from the right or left side. 
    • Make sure as well your body not touch the guest
  • Asking for coffee or tea 
    • Asking for coffee or tea is the most important thing in the morning time 
    • There are also many types of coffee or tea usually served for breakfast
    • When you served coffee or tea make sure that milk/cream must be offered, especially for tea, slice lemon is necessary to be served on the side 
  • Presenting menu 
    • Breakfast menu usually are designed simply as possible 
    • The procedure how to presenting a menu  is the same as presenting a menu in common
  • Taking juice order
    • It's very often we found that when you asked for the juices, the guest will ask you back about any juices available 
    • You can ask the juices as below :
      • Excuse me, Madam/Sir, any juice, please? 
      • Excuse me, Madam/Sir, would you like to have some juice?  
  • Serving the juice order
    • Serving juice must be done from the right side by the right hand
    • Make certain that you placed the juice glass more or less 2 cm on the top of the silverware
  • Taking food order 
    • If the restaurant/hotel using a'la carte menu taking food order is compulsory 
    • If the restaurant/hotel using buffet service you don't need to take the order from the guest, we let the guest take their food  by themselves 
  • Serving the food starting from starter until the main dish 
    • The ways are same  like how to serve any foods
  • Asking for satisfaction 
    • Can be done as follow Excuse me Madam/Sir
      • How was your breakfast?
      • How is your breakfast? 
  • Presenting bill 
    • Excuse me Madam/Sir, this is your bill 
    • Presenting the bill is not necessary when the room charge/rate are included with the breakfast 

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