Types of Restaurant - Food and Beverage Division


Derived from The word " RESTAURER" it's mean Restore

Restaurant is an establishment under F&B Service Department where meals and drinks are served to customers 

Restaurant is a place or business that place prepares and served food and drink to the customers. Restaurant greatly in appearance, provided or offering, including cuisine, atmosphere and service models assorting from low class fast food restaurant, to mid class family restaurant until high class fine dining restaurant (luxury establishment). 

Types of Restaurant

  • Dining room  
  • Supper club/PUB
  • Coffee Shop/Coffee house 
  • Specialty Restaurant 
  • Fast Food  Restaurant 

Fine Dining Room 

    • Formal restaurant 
    • Well trained staffs 
    • Hight standard quality of foods an d service 
    • High class restaurant 
Is type of formal restaurant which provided high standard quality of food and professional service 

Supper / PUB

    • Generally open in the evening only
    • Has more than one bar station 
    • Dancing floor available 
    • Various beverage are available 
    • Provide snack or light food only 
Supper club / PUB well known as a discotique: is one of non formal restaurant which provided several of beverage and completed with dancing floor to support the atmosphere

Coffee Shop 

    • Non formal restaurant 
    • Provided coffee and light food 
    • Service are not available 
Coffee shop is one of non formal restaurant where commonly coffee and snack are sold 

Specialty Restaurant 

    • Provided food from it country 
    • Showing any various foods of it country 
Specialty Restaurant: is type of restaurant which provided any several of foods from it country. ( Italian Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant ) 

Fast Food Restaurant 

    • Quick service provided
    • No service charge applied 
    • Waiting staff are not available 
    • Foods will be ordered by come directly to the counter 

Fast Food Restaurant is one of non formal restaurant which provided quick service and food will be pick up from the food counter 

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