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  Coffee is always available in every hospitality industry,  especially for nowadays coffee industry grows fastly in Asia, I see like there are many new coffee shop or just iced coffee stand and some restaurant try to highlight any coffee products. Recently, most of people love coffee, from kids, girl, or man because there are some variant of them whether hot or cold. Hot coffee can served with art that make look very beautiful, and cold coffee have many choice of topping and flavor so can make you feel fresh. They have attraction appearance and taste.

    Coffee is brewed drink that contain caffeine and can boost your energy. There are several species of Coffee, Liberica Coffee, Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee. Every Coffee bean has it own characters that make it look and tastes differently. 

Arabica Coffee 

    Arabica originated in the highlight oh Ethiopia. It is sensitive to hot and humid condition and grows at altitudes of 1.25-1.55 miles. Arabica grown ay higher altitudes is associated with the emergence of higher quality characteristic during roasting. The Coffee bean actually the seed of the coffee plant, found inside a red fruit often called cherry 10-15mm in diameter. Each cherry contain two seed (bean) surrounded by a membrane called the parchment and a layer of sweet pulp. Arabica Coffee are fairly flat and elongated, with a sinuous groove. 

    Genetically Arabica Coffee is the only species with 44 chromosomes of coffee. Chemically, Arabica's caffeine  content varies from 0.9 to 1.7% and acid around 6.5% of each bean's volume. 

Robusta Coffee

    Coffee Canephora (Coffee Robusta), commonly known as Robusta Coffee, is a species of coffee that has its origin in central and western sub-Saharan Africa. It is a species of flowering plant in the Rubiaceae family. Though widely known as coffee Robusta, the plant is scientifically identified as coffee canephora, which has two main varieties, Robusta

    He plant has a shallow root system and grows as a robust tree or shrub to about 10 meters. It flowers irregularly, taking about 10-11 months for cherries to ripen, producing oval-shaped beans. The Robusta plant has a greater crop yield than that of Coffee Arabica and contain more caffeine -2.7% compared to arabica 1.5%. As it less susceptible to pest and disease, Robusta need much less herbicide and pesticide than Arabica  

    Approximately 30% of the coffee produced in the word is Robusta. It's mostly grown in Vietnam, where French colonist introduced it in the late 19th century, through it is also grown in Africa and Brazil, where it is often called conilon. In recent years, Vietnam, which produce mostly Robusta, has surpassed Brazil, India and Indonesia to became the world's single largest exporter of Robusta Coffee. Brazil is still the biggest producer of coffee in the word, producing one-third of word's coffee and 80% of that is Arabica 

Liberica Coffee

    Coffee Liberica or Liberica Coffee is a species of flowering plant in the Rubiaceaae Family. It's a coffee that is native to western and central Africa freom Liberia to Uganda and Angola. It is also naturalize in the Saychells, the Andaman & Nicobar Island, French Polynesia, Central America, the West Indies, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

    The Coffee Liberica tree grows up to 20 meters

in height, producing larger fruits than those found on Coffee Arabica trees. This coffee was brought to Indonesia to replace the Arabica trees killed by the coffee rust disease at the end of the 19th century. It's still found in part of Central and East Java today. 

    Liberica is major crop in the Philippines. The town of Lipa / now Lipa City becoma the biggest producer of Liberica Coffee in 1880s, but collapsed when the coffee rust disease arrive around 1890s, killing almost all coffee plants, which threatened the variety with extincion. Today the province of Batangas and Cavite in the Philippines are producers of Liberica Coffee known as 'Baraco'.  


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