What's Appetizer, do you know the type


    Assorted light meal whether hot or cold served as started usually spicy or sweet sour to stimulate the appetite, could be made of fruit, vegetable's, fish & meat. 

Appetizer can be divided as follow :

  1.  Cold Appetizer 
  2.  Hot Appetizer 

Characteristics : 

  • Sharp taste to stimulate the appetite         
  • Portion approximately 75-100gr 
  • Served cold 10-15°C
  • Served hot 50-60°C

Cold Appetizer 


  • Avocado Vinaigrette 
Half a pear avocado with cubes of avocado an
d lettuce dressed with vinaigrette sauce. 

  • Fruit Cocktail
Combination small balls of fruits marinated in sugar syrup and lime juice. 


  • Capri Style Mozzarella 
Slice thick of mozzarella cheese & tomato topped with oregano and olive oil, garnished with basil leave. This type of appetizer is one if famous appetizer in Italy. Mostly the people called it Mozzarella in caprese

  • Russian Salad
Cubes of boiled vegetable and egg mixed with mayonnaise 


  • Smoke Salmon 
Thinly slice of smoke salmon laid on lettuce with slice of Bombay onion, capers and lemon wedges. 

  • Sushi 
Japanese rice roll with smoke salmon, avocado and red pepper, sliced and presented with wasabi and seasoned sauce

  • Tuna Carpaccio 

Is a dish made by thinly slicing fresh raw tuna and serving it with a savory, spicy sauce. 


  • Seafood Cocktail
Combination of boiled seafood serve with cocktail sauce garnished with
wedges of lemon 

  • Shrimp Cocktail 
Boiled skinless shrimp served with cocktail sauce garnished with wedges and lemon 


  • Raw ham and melon (Prosciotto Crudo)
Sliced thin of raw served with cantaloupe melon 

  • Affettati Misti (Cold Cut)
Combination sliced of meats (Salami, Mortadela, Smoke ham) served on platter. 

  • Bresaola 
Sliced thin dried of salted beef, served with ruccola, shaved parmessan cheese and balsamic vinegar 

Hot Appetizer 

  • Calamari Ring 
Deep fried breaded of squid served with tartar sauce 

  • Escargot Bourguignon 
It is kind  of hot appetizer made from sauted snail mixed with garlic and lemon juice. 

  • Quiche Lorraine 
It is kind of hot appetizer made from cheese, spinach and bacon 

  • Fish Croquette   
Is type of hot appetizer made from finest blended of fish fillet mixed with bread crumb and tartar sauce


  • Spring Rolls  
It is made from vegetables wrapped in thin pancake and served with sweet or sour sauce 

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