Types of Bar

 Bar can be divided into 2 types : 

    1. Public Bar/Front Bar 

Public Bar, it will be dedicated for publics, so everyone can be part of this bar. This type of bar can be located inside of the hotel (part of facilities) also can be located outside of the hotel. The guest come directly to bar and Bartender should be provide a service for them. 

2. Service Bar/Dispense Bar 

Service Bar, this type of bar will be dedicated for guest stayed in hotel only. This guest will order their beverage through waiter/ss, and waiter or waitress will be responsible to serve the guest order in the restaurant or room. 

Type of Public Bar

  • Cocktail Bar, 
A place where the people can relax after work, a high standard of service, speed and friendliness is essential, as well as soft music and sometimes live entertainment. A large variety of drinks particularly cocktails is always served in this bar. 

  • Night Club, 
A large place with live entertainment and a dance floor, it may have on or more bars. This open only in the night for people who enjoy night life. 

  • Snack Bar, 
A bar usually provided several beverages and light food or snack will be available in this bar. Quickness and carefulness will be important in this bar.

  • PUB (Public House),
Originally found in England. It was used for the workers in England to spend their time after work, and the workers can enjoy the drinks and light food here 

  • Discotheque, 
Recently known as Night Club. This bar will be completed with dance floor, Disk Jockey and any various beverage will be available here. 

  • Pool Bar, 
Located adjacent with swimming pool. It will be provided beverage and snack and the client are swimming in the pool. 

  • Sunken Bar, 
This bar integrate with pool in a hotel, so the guest can order and enjoy their order without leave a swimming pool. 

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