Responsible or main duties of each position in the Restaurant

 Restaurant Manager : 

  • Will be responsible to manage the operational of the restaurant 
  • Responsible to solved the problem during restaurant open
  • Responsible to delegate responsibility to restaurant supervisor when they are not on duty 
  • Make sure that all staff and crew are ready to work and they got their prosperities as their position in the restaurant 
  • Make summery of sale food and beverage and report it to the owner or F&B Manager 
  • Arrange for staffs training to  improve quality of human resource if necessary 

Restaurant Supervisor : 
  • Will be responsible to supervise all staff and make sure all of them are work as standard operational procedure 
  • Responsible to prepare schedule duties, staff arrangement of day off 
  • Make sure that the operational of the restaurant are running well and report every case happened in the restaurant to restaurant manager 
  • Help restaurant manager to solved and settle every problem in the restaurant 

Restaurant Captain :   
  • Responsible to coordinate to all restaurant staff and help the restaurant staffs to handling the guest during busy time
  • Delegate responsibility of restaurant supervisor when they are off duty 
  • Responsible to make sure that all client or costumers are satisfied with quality of services 

Waiter : 
  • Someone who will be responsible to provide the services followed sequence of service related food and beverages, and make certain that all costumers are satisfied with it. 
  • Check for the mice and place in the restaurant and ensure all the equipment condiment place in order before restaurant open.  

Asst. Waiter/busboy/girl : 
  • Asst.  Waiter well know as Busboy/girl or commis, will be responsible be help an support  the waiter to pick up the food/drinks from the kitchen and bar and make sure that all food and beverages needed by waiter are ready to serve
  • Help waiter to prepare the table, re set up if need it and keep & maintain the cleanliness of all cutleries or others restaurant facilities.

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1 Response to "Responsible or main duties of each position in the Restaurant"

  1. It's not easy to have a restaurant, there are so much people behind it. Great information, thank you.


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