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Cheese is basically just fermented milk. There are many kinds of cheese that are made from milk and different bacteria, and also the length of the cooking process 

Based on the texture, cheese can be divided into 3 types 

  • Hard Cheese is a cheese that contains 56% of water, the less water on the cheese it's become harder. Commonly hard cheese is well done in 3 months, but the process of maturation may be around a year 
  1.   Manchego Cheese is the traditional cheese of sheep's milk, but there is also in cow milk version. This cheese comes from the part region of Spain. The cheese has a distinctive flavor, well developed but not too strong, creamy with a slight piquancy, and leaves an aftertaste that is characteristic of sheep's milk

  2.   Gouda Cheese is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, this cheese comes from South Holland Netherlands. About the taste of the cheese is sweet, creamy, yellow's color, and from cow's milk

  3.   Parmesan Cheese is a hard cheese from cow's milk. This cheese produces in some countries like argentine, Italy, Austria, and United States, but actually, this cheese comes from Italy 

  4.  Cheddar Cheese is a cheese that comes from the United Kingdom (UK), this cheese is relatively hard with off-white or orange colors, and cheddar is made from cow's milk. 

  • Semi-Hard Cheese is a  cheese containing water of around 60% between hard and soft cheese, and is produced much the same way as hard cheese but with slightly higher moisture content. That means it contains a little more whey and ends up slightly softer than hard  cheese 

  1.  Gruyere Cheese is a cheese that comes from Switzerland in gruyere town. This cheese is a little bit salty and it's made from cow's milk. 

  2.  Edam Cheese it's can be made with cow or sheep's milk but mostly made from cow's milk. this popular cheese comes from Holland Netherlands 
  3.  Emmental Cheese is a semi-hard cheese that comes from Swiss with some holes in the cheese. This cheese is made from cow's milk.

  • Soft Cheese is a kind of cheese that has a water amount of more than 67%. This amount of water will make the fat in this cheese become lower than the  more solid cheese

  1. Brie Cheese is a soft cheese with a maturation process only for export to other countries, it comes from France. It contains fat around 30%-60% and is made from cow's milk. 

  2. Cream Cheese is a very soft cheese like butter, it has the color white with a mild taste made from milk  and  cream

  3. Feta Cheese is a soft cheese from Greece made from sheep's milk with a maturation process and sometimes added goat's milk 

  4. Goat Cheese is a cheese made from goat's milk. Goat cheese is made in the world with many recipes from fresh soft, aged to hard. 

  5. Ricotta Cheese is an Italian cheese that is made from water milk whey left over from the production of other cheese. 

  6. Gorgonzola Cheese is an Italian exactly in the region of Piedmont and Lombardy and it's called also blue cheese, made from cow's milk. This cheese is soft and crumbly 

Base on the process of Maturation cheese can be classified as below:
  • The bacteria matured inside the cheese. This cheese becomes harder, and maturation will prevalent all around the cheese. Example: Cheddar, Gouda, cheese, and parmesan
  • The washed-skin cheese. Is the cheese periodically washed on its surface by the salty water during the first maturation process where the characteristic of its skin color becomes orange or rosy and usually turns soft when it's mature and smells keen. Example: Limburger and liederkenz
  • Blue-striped cheese. Is the kind of cheese that contains fertilization of mildew, this sealer is in white color when the cheese is still less mature, but when it matures will turn orange. Example: Roquefort and stilton 
  • Cheese covered by mildew. This cheese has hairy skin because of mildew, this sealer is in white color when the cheese is still less mature, but when it is mature will turn orange.  Example: Brie, Camembert, and St. Adre 
  • Cheese not cooked. This cheese does not undergo the cooking process. Example: Cottage, Cream cheese, and Baker's cheese 

Based on the skin, cheese can be divided as below:
  • Cheese has hard skin. The large shape needs a longer time to make it mature through a pressing process to reduce the humidity. Example: Raclette, gruyere, and gouda 
  • Cheese which covers by smooth hair. Which categories smooth skin and hairy. Example: Brie 
  • The natural skin cheese. This is the cheese that has a soft structure and its skin color is grey or blue which change when the cheese turn to mature, Example: Parmesan
  • The cheese which washed with salty water. This category of cheese is spread by salty water when it's mature. Example: Feta 
  • Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese has been sketched, its color is blue or green. The color produces by putting the bacteria on the cheese. Examples: Stilton, Roquefort, and Gorgonzola 
  • Fresh Cheese. This type of cheese which has no skin contains water in a high concentration and it's not through the maturation process.  Example: Ricotta, and mascarpone. 

That's all our discussion for today about Cheese and hope you easy to understand. From here you have elaborated your food and beverage knowledge about Cheese. Thank you for reading, share this page so others will know this information, and please don't forget for coming back to get more information about food and beverage. 

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