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Bartending Equipment & Tools

    Bartender, everyone known bartender who professionally works behind the bar and provides thousands drink to the customers with standard quality and taste. Maybe some people things they work by their hand only but actually support by the high quality of equipment and hand tools, should they use it? Almost all drink made with the support of that tools

Installed Equipment

  • Ice Making Machine,  this produces either ice cubes or crushed ice
  • Refrigerator, this is used for cooling beverages, garnished, and other items 
  • Sink, this is used for washing and cleaning bar hand tools, glasses and tools
  • Electric Blender, this is using for making mixed drink (blending) or milkshake 
  • Coffee Making Machine, for preparing hot coffee or hot water
  • Draught Beer Unit, used for making draught beer

Bar Hand Tools 

  • Shaker, consist of a container, a strainer, and a lid must be of very good quality because used very often (made from stainless steel)
  • Mixing glass should be of top quality of the glass, complete with a stainless steel spring stainer. Used for making mixed drink by stirring 
  • Jigger, used for measuring liquid. It can be made of glass or stainless steel, either single or double
  • Long Bar Spoon used to stir ingredients. It should be as simple in design as possible
  • Openers, Include bottle and can openers and corkscrew 
  • Fruit knife, this should be very sharp and thin. It is used for cutting to prepare the garnish
  • Ice Tong or Scoop, are always used in front of the customers, they must be sparkling clean and quality 
  • Pourer, it is the main function is to facilitation the flow of liquid through bottle and help in controlled amount liquid being pouring 
  • Muddler, a muddler is an essential bar tool that used to smash cocktail ingredients. It is used in some of the most popular cocktaill such as caipirinha, mojito, and old-fashion 
  • Strainer used to filter ice cube when the drink is ready to serve 
  • Juice Container, it will be used to keep any juice 
  • Garnish Container, it will be used to place some garnish 
  • Cutting board (wooden or plastic), funnel fruit squeezer, measuring spoon, etc 

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