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Rum is a fermented beverage make from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by the process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak and other barrels. The majority of the world's rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean and in several South American countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. Light Rums are usually used for cocktails, whereas golden, and dark rums are also appropriate for drinking straight, or for cooking. Premium rums are also available that are made to be consumed straight or with iced. 

Rum Making Process 

  • Fermentation
    • Sugarcane is harvested to make sugarcane juice and molasses. Most rum produce is made from molasses. Yeast and water are added to the base ingredient to start the fermentation process.
  • Distillation 
    • As with all other aspects of rum production, there is no standard method used for distillation. While some produced work in batches using pot stills, most rum production is done using column still distillation. Pot still output contains more than the output from column stills and thus produces a fuller-tasting rum. 
  • Aging-Blending 
    • Many countries required that rum be aged for at least one year. This aging is commonly performed in a used bourbon cask, but may also be performed in stainless steel tank or other types of wooden casks. The aging process determines the coloring of the rum.  Rum that is aged in oak cask becomes dark, wheres Rum that is aged in stainless steel tank remains virtually colorless. 

Type of Rum 
  1. Light Rum, also referred to as light, silver, and white rums. In general, light rum has very little flavour aside from a general sweetness and serves accordingly as a base for cocktails. Light rums are sometimes filtered after ageing to remove any colour. 
  2. Gold Rum, also called amber rums, are medium-bodied rums which are generally aged. These gain their dark color from aging in wooden barrels (usually the charred white oak barrels that are produced by Bourbon Whiskey) They are darker tasting and have more flavor than silver rum. 
  3. Spiced Rum, These rums obtain their flavor through the addition of spices, and sometimes caramel. Most are dark in color and based on gold rum. 
  4. Dark Rum, also known as black rum, classes are darker grade than gold rum. It is generally aged longer, in heavily charred barrels, and has so much flavor than light and gold rums. 
  5. Flavored Rum, rums which are have infused flavor of fruit such as mango, orange, citrus, coconut or lime. This often drinks neat or on the rock. 
  6. Over Proof Rum, is a rum that has much higher than the standard 40% alcohol 
  7. Premium Rum, as with other sipping spirits, such as cognac and scotch, a market existed for premium and super-premium rums. These are generally boutique brands which sells very aged and carefully produced rums. They have more character, and flavor than their "mixing" counterpart, and are generally consumed without the addition of other ingredients

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