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Eggs are very important for breakfast items that are cooked to order. Usually, passengers are very particular about their eggs and very important that they are prepared as request. The following are a  variety of ways in which they may be ordered. 

Type of egg dishes:
- Boiled egg
- Fried egg
- Scramble egg
- Omelets egg
- Poached egg 

Boiled Egg

It is shelled and served in an egg stand or cup 
Boiled egg can be ordered
Soft            4 minutes
Medium    5 minutes
Hard          8 minutes 

Fried Egg 

Always ask how they like their egg  to be fried
A fried egg can be ordered 
  • Sunny-Side Up is mean that egg to be fried on one side only with the yolks facing up 
  • Over Easy is mean that the egg is to be fried on one side and turn over so that the other sides are slightly cooked or closer over 
  • Over Medium is mean that the fried egg turns over and the yolk is not too runny but to firm 
  • Over Hard or Over well is mean that the fried egg turns over and fry until the yolk is cooked until the yolk is hard

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Scramble Egg

A scrambled egg is an egg that is scramble or stirred as it is being cooked 

Omelet Egg 

Is usually mixed egg whites and egg yolk well beaten then fried in a pen with a little oil or butter, as the pan is hot, the egg will be filled they are flipped 
Omelet can be prepared as 
Plain Omelet, Ham Omelet, Cheese Omelet, Bacon Omelet, Spanish Omelet (sliced onion, green, and pepper mix together), Western Omelet (mixed ham, and vegetables), Canadian Omelet (smoke salmon in it) 

Poached Egg 

Are eggs that are shelled and placed in boiling water that has some salt and a touch of vinegar added to it. Usually, the egg white automatically covers the egg yolk completely 

That's all our discussion for today about the Egg dishes. From here you have elaborated your food and beverage knowledge about Eggs dishes. Thank you for reading and please don't forget for coming back to get more information about food and beverage. 

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