Stewarding - Food and Beverage Division

 Steward or Galley 

Stewarding is one outlet under the food & beverage department which is responsible to keep and maintain the cleanliness of all of the restaurant utensils, kitchen equipment, and kitchen area (F&B Equipment) and ensure those equipment place in order as standard procedure. 

Type of work a steward 

  1. Purchasing requestor, doing goods demand to purchase department in accordance with cleaning or operational
  2. Storing, store all the equipment well in accordance with the place in order, hanging, upside down, clear, and ready to use 
  3. Distribution, distribute, or deliver all required equipment at the time of operation with a clean condition
  4. Planning and washing, planning equipment needs for food and beverage department and planning how to clean 
  5. Inventory, responsible for regular inventory to ensure all equipment is available at the time operational 
  6. Preparation, prepare the equipment that would be required at the operational 
  7. Area cleaning, responsible for the cleanliness of area before until after operational 

Steward function in the hotel organization

  1. To support the smooth and successful goal food and beverage department in providing service to the hotel guest especially in the field of food and beverage service
  2. As place maintenance and store kitchen and restaurant equipment which is an investment company 
  3. As a worker who checks the cleanliness of the working are environment, yo avoid health problem for guest and employee 

The purpose of stewarding material  

  1. Know the steward function in the hotel operation
  2. Know the limits of authority and duty 
  3. Adjust the position within the hotel organization 
  4. Know and adjust work relationship with other section or department
  5. Know and adjust in the purchase of food and beverage department material or equipment
  6. Knowing how is the dishwashing machine works and maintenance 
  7. Know the implementation of inventory 

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