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Serving Red Wine  

Red wine is best served at room temperature, this good for mature particularly if allow for a moment after opening the cork before serving 

Serving White Wine and Rose Wine 

Basically white and rose are served in the same manner. They best-served chill at about 10 degrees celsius that impact the best quality and the taste fresh. So those, wine cooler with ice cubes are required in serving white wine and rose wine to maintain them longer chill

Step Serving Wine 

  • Show the label to the host to ensure their order is correctly 
  • Cut the foil covering over the cork with a wine opener 
  • Wipe the mold that is often found on top of the cork with a napkin 
  • Open the cork of the bottle with a corkscrew 
  • Smell the cork and place the cork near the host 
  • Wipe off the mouth  of the bottle with a napkin 
  • Ask the host to taste the wine 
  • When they say the wine is okay, then start pouring it  into the glass, serve with the ladies first and then the gentleman, finally the host
  • If there is still some leftover in the bottle of the wine, put it back in the proper place, as chilled wines and be kept chilled in the wine cooler for white wine


This wine is produced in the champagne region of France only using a method of champ noise. It is the best sparkling wine (known as "The King Wines) all over the world and used as standard quality. Need to be remembering that all champagne is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is champagne. 
Serving Wine 

Serving Champagne 

  • Show the label to the host 
  • Cut the capsule covering over the cork
  • Untwist the wire or the rock holder
  • Open the cork of the bottle with a clean napkin 
  • Wipe of the mouth of the bottle with napkin 
  • Ask the host to taste the champagne 
  • If they say the champagne is okay, then start to pour it into the glasses with the ladies first and then gentlemen, finally the host. 
  • If there is still some leftover the in the bottle, put it back in properly place and must be kept chilled in  the cooler 

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