Sequence of Room Service - Food and Beverage Division


Telephone Etiquette 

  • Stop previous conversations before picking up the receiver 
  • Answer the telephone promptly, courteously and listen carefully 
  • Give friendly & warmly greeting 
  • Use the caller's name whenever possible 
  • Write the room number down first on the guest check 
  • Allow the guest to put down the phone first 
  • Do not the guest to hear unnecessary noise and background conversations

Order Taking procedure 

  • Pick up the phone immediately as the phone ringing
    • Good morning Room service Andi speaking May I help you?
  • Ask for the guest name and spelling necessary 
    • May I know your name, Sir? 
    • How do you spell your name, please? (write) 
  • Ask for the room number
    • Your room number, please 
  • Ask for the number of persons 
    • How many persons of you, Sir?
  • Ask for the order in the sequence 
    • What would you like to have for the appetizer, Mr. Andi? 
    • Would you like to follow with soup? 
    • And what about the main course? 
    • Would you like something as a dessert? 
    • For the drink Mr. Andi, what would you like to have? 
  • Repeat the order
    • May I repeat the order, Mr. Andi? So that ... 
    • (Read the order, Mention the room number and name, tell the guest the approximate time of delivery)
  • Ask if the order to paid cash or charge to the room 
    • How will you settle (pay) your bill, Sir? By cash or sign it? 
  • Thank the guest order 
    • Well Mr. Andi, thank you for calling. We will deliver your food in 15 minutes. Have a great day. 

Delivering room service order

  • Check first 
    • Check the room number and may a special request such as no garlic, onion, etc. 
    • Carry order to the right room recheck guest room number before delivering a food order, left room service to the guest room, and use the shortest and fastest way. 
  • Knock the guest door 
    • After arriving in front of the guest room, make sure you see the guest room number clearly and stand up straight then knock on the door three times with the middle right finger.
  • Greeting the guest 
    • Entering the guest room after you greet the guest when the guest opens the door. Smile and greet the guest polity in a warm friendly way. 
    • Good morning Mr. Andi. This is your room service order, may I come in? 
  • Presenting the bill 
    • After the order you left on the table and present the guest bill, by saying excuse me, Sir, this is your bill 
    • If the guest charge to the room, please certain to check guest name, guest signature, and guest room number. 
  • Leaving greeting 
    • After the guest fixed up the bill by saying "Thank you, Mr. Andi, have a nice breakfast, and after your meal, please let us know, goodbye 
  • Clear up 
    • On your way back to room service, should always check if there is some soiled plate or glass along the way. If so clearing up and bring it to the steward. Before leaving room service conform to order taker. 

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