General Rules for Dining Room Staff - Food and Beverage Division

 General rules 

  1. Be aware of your schedule duties check the notice board each sift 
  2. Be punctual check-in time is 30 minutes before service 
  3. Check the mis-en-place to bu sure be everything is there before the service
  4. Maintain personal hygiene refer to company college standard 
  5. Do not eat and drink in the dining room or a kitchen are an event in the dishwasher area 
  6. No group meeting waiter and bushboy mush be stayed in their own station at all times and should avoid casual conversation in the dining room during service 
  7. Do not shout, use abusive language and speak English in front of the guest 
  8. Respect each other as you want to be respect 
  9. Be on team works makes everybody's life easier 
  10. Follow carefully the traffic rules and never works fast or run while in the dining room
  11. Handle dishes and utensils in a quiet and orderly manner, be particularly careful about noises in resetting of tables while guests are in the dining room
  12. The trays should not be overload 
  13. The silver and glasses should be cleaned and polished in the pantry, never do this while in the dining room 
  14. Set the cutleries only by the holding never mouth end 
  15. Never touch drinking edged of glasses with your finger 
  16. Never touch your face or hair, if you do  wash your hand 
  17. When giving orders to the station cooks, speak clearly, courteously, and not too loudly 
  18. Be particularly careful not antagonize the station cooks, remembering at all times that their corporation is essential 
  19. After receiving your orders in the kitchen, examine them carefully for appearance, garniture, and quality 
  20. When collecting several dishes.  It is usually best to get the cold dishes first and hot dishes last, so that may be served at the best performance 
  21. Ask your guest if they are enjoying the food. If ta guest is unhappy, quickly offer an alternative and report the problem to the head waiter
  22. Never rush, never start cleaning the tables are nearby if guest still seating, this very impolite 

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