It's all about Dishwashing Machine

A machine used to wash, rinse and sanitize restaurant utensils in a short time and make the job more effective and efficient. 
Particles of the dish machine are tank, hot water boiler, curtain, water jet, strainer, conveyor, water pipes, water pump, water pressure gauge, and temperature gauge. 

Type of dish wash machine 

Multi Tank Dishwash Machine

Single Tank Dishwash Machine

Pre Washing Process : 
  • Scrape leftover food from plates or utensils using a sponge or gloved hand than the item we place on the rack must be pre-washed by spraying the items using a water sprayer nozzle that is available at the dish wash table outside of the machine to remove the leftover food from the utensil
  • Put the rack into the machine do not push in (force in), let the rack pass through the machine from pre-wash, main wash until rinse carried by conveyor 
  • Check for cleanliness, crack or chip when the utensil left the machine

How The Dish Machine Work 
  • Prewashing Zone, in this zone the utensil we wash the wall automatically be sprayed with hot water with a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celcius to remove leftover food, grease, oil, sauce, etc. From the utensil we wash, the water temperature never be higher than 45 Celcius to avoid baking of the food soil
    • Mainwashing Zone, in the thin zone the utensil will totally be sprayed with hot water which is automatically mixed with Ecolab (Solid Muster or Liquid Pump) and water temperature are 60-70 degree celsius 
    • Rinse Zone, in this zone the utensil we wash will be sprayed with hot water with a temperature of 80-90 degree celsius and automatically mixed with Ecolab (Rinse N'Dry) to support the drying process and the utensil we wash more shining, the utensil temperature left the machine will be 74-degree celsius 

    How To Clean The Dish Wash Machine
    • Switch off the machine and remove particle of the machine certain, strainer, water pipe, tank  cover, wash them all with ecolab lime remover and leave out side of the machine on rack or on dish wash table
    • Spray ecolab lime remover for de-scaling into each of the tank, spray also lime remover inside the machine empty more less than 5 cycles
    • Turn on the machine and drain the water, start to clean the machine by scrubbing inside part of the machine using the green pad and lime remover as cleaning chemical make sure you  wash it properly
    • Rinse the machine with hot water (sanitizing if neceserry with clorine bleach) 
    • Leave the machine open to dryer in the air 

    That's all our discussion for today about Dish washing machine. From here you have been elaborated on your Food and Beverage knowledge about Galley Steward. Thank you for visiting and reading and do not  forget to come back to get more information about Food and Beverage 

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