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wine is an alcoholic beverage, which is produced from fermented grapes. The word wine just used for the product. 
In case the wine is made from other fruits, the name of the fruit used should appear are the wine as: 
        • Apple Wine                :  made from apple
        • Strawberry                  : made from strawberry 
        • Rice Wine                   : made from rice (Berem in Bali)

Types of wine 

Wine can be classified into four main groups
  • Natural Still Wine 
    • These wines are obtained by escaping the carbon dioxide during processing. So they are naturally made without carbon dioxide. Depending on the grape used and sophisticated method following during processing, the natural still wines also known as table wines can be red, white, or rose with 150 ml volume.  
  • Sparkling Wine
    • They are natural still wine with carbon dioxide. Base on the color of natural still wines, the sparkling wines can be red, white, or rose. The best sparkling wine as we know called Champagne
  • Fortified Wine
    • These types of wine are obtained by adding grape into natural still wines during processing. The famous ones are Port, Sherry, Madeira, and Malaga. 
  • Aromatized Wine
    • Basically, they are made similar to fortified wines with the addition of flavoring (herbs, spices) besides grape spirit. They can be differentiated into Vermouth, Bitter, and Anisette. 

4 basic wine taste principle:
  1. Acidity 
  2. Sweetness
  3. Bitterness
  4. Alcohol 

How to taste wine 

  • Colour: Clarity, Depth of the color, Colour of the rim, Legs
  • Aroma: Baquet, smell (fruit, vegetal, spicy, smoky,  floral, oaky, mineral, etc)
  • Taste: Acidity, Body, Finish, Style. 

Quality Factor

  • Soil and Geographic condition
  • Climate
  • Grape Variety
  • Viticulture: the art of wine-growing    
  • Vinification: the art of making wine
  • Wheater condition   

Technique of tasting 

  • Hold the glass by the steam against light/white background 
  • Smell the wine 
  • Swirl the wine and examine the leg
  • Sniff the wine (short and deep snift)
  • Sip the wine 
  • Chewing 
  • Aerate the wine 
  • Spit or swallow 

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